Easy and affordable

Connect with customers in a way they will enjoy and appreciate. Send regular emails or more visual newsletters, and create unlimited amount of templates to suit your brand.

Why choose Cardu Mailer?

Whether you’re looking to communicate with your membership or clientele, Cardu Mailer™ provides the features you need to create beautiful and personalized emails.


Easy interface – no special skills required.


You can send regular emails or more visual newsletters.


Unlimited amount of templates, target groups and recipients.


You can see all necessary data about open-rates, click-through-rates and so on.


Pay only for the amount of emails you send – Starting from 19€ / month.


Starting with Cardu Mailer is easy, even if you’re currently using another service.

Screenshot from the CarduMailer drag-and-drop newsletter builder

Easy to start

Start creating styled emails with our drag-and-drop editor.

Cardu Mailer™ editor lets you preview the email as it will look to the recipients. From the editor toolbox you can choose number of content elements, such as text, image, icon, button, divider, menu, video, and social media links.  

The styled emails are automatically responsive and you can preview the result for both desktop or mobile devices when editing.

Connect with your customers

Feel more connected with personalized email content.

Adding or modifying recipients is a breeze — you can do it one at a time or in bulk using an .excel or .csv file.

You can use data from your customer database to personalize email content. For example, if you have customers’ first name in your database, you can add it to the email content. This way, every recipient will get a personal email.

The image shows how Cardu Mailer database works
Screenshot of Cardu Mailer domain management settings

Safe and secure

We care about your privacy and security.

Email services use sender reputation and the email content to determine in which folder the received email is placed. In Cardu Mailer you can use your own domain as sender, letting you control yourself both the sender reputation and the email content. 

Cardu Mailer™ is GDPR compliant. You can read more about Data Protection here.

“We switched to Cardu Mailer™ because we were not satisfied with our previous service provider. Cardu Mailer™ meets our needs exactly. The strengths of the program are ease of use, versatile analytics and clear pricing.”

Olli Ilmolahti

Musiikkimuseo Fame

“From the very start, Cardu Mailer™ seemed like a program that does not require any special skills. Selecting target groups during the sending phase is easy and the analysis after sending the newsletter provides a lot of valuable information.”

Tarja Ikonen

Savon Sydänpiiri